[Dan Marino Madden 21]Apple Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio Focus on New Project is Ar / VR Head

Lin24 2021-6-27

  last month,Apple announced that its hardware engineering director Dan Riccio will transition to a new position.Focus on a “new project”,Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims today thatThe focus area of this supervisor will be AR / VR headset.


  Have a wide range of rumors,Apple is developing a variety of AR / VR wearable devices,Including the first mixed realistic head wearing products that will be released next year,And more fashionable AR glasses.Last week,The information claimed thatApple’s first headset is priced at $ 3,000,Will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras,Two super high resolution 8K displays,Advanced eye tracking technology,Replaceable headband, etc.

  Report is also known,Johny Srouji, Advanced Vice President of Apple Hardware Technology, will now supervise an internal display and camera technology team.In the rumor, the next generation of iPad Pro and MAC models will use the mini-LED screen,This mourning may imply Apple “will soon launch the first device with full custom screen.”

  Apple also announced before,John Ternus will become a senior vice president of its hardware engineering.Although the Apple’s leadership page still seals Riccio as this position.The company said thatTernus joined the Apple product design team in 2001,Since 2013, the Vice President of Hardware Engineering has been since 2013.