[which house fire emblem]Fire Emblem House choice explained: Which House is best to join in Three Houses?

Lin24 2021-8-14

  Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an important choice to make early on in the game – which House do you join?

  There are three available – the Black Eagles, Blue Lions or Golden Deer – and each one has a huge impact on what follows, from the students and lords you interact with, their lords, and even the Fire Emblem: Three Houses endings you’ll encounter.

  Though it’s largely a personal choice, there are some things to consider before making the choice.

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  Is there a best House to choose from in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

  How does your House choice impact the Fire Emblem: Three Houses ending?

  What are the differences between the Three Houses Black Eagles, Blue Lions or Golden Deer?

  In the game’s opening hour, you’ll have to choose to align with the Black Eagles, Blue Lions or Golden Deer – the titular houses of the game.

  Even though you have to talk to each of the House Leaders before you make a decision, Fire Emblem is giving you a choice that shapes the rest of the game without fully explaining what it means.


  The good news is there is no wrong answer here – it’s all down to personal preference of which house and students appear to be of interest to you. These factors include:

  The Leader and the House they represent, with each having a different path through the game.

  Each house’s battle affinity (skilled in magic, military arts or ranged weaponry), though that said, ultimately you aren’t locked into any particular playstyle, so don’t see this as a defining factor!

  Which Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters you want to play with. Though you can recruit certain students from other houses later, each house has a ready made roster you’ll use both in battle, activities and for romance.


  In short, there is no ‘best house’, so go with what you like the sound of. That said, there is one thing to consider when it comes to how the game plays out. Be wary of some Fire Emblem Three Houses spoilers in the section ahead…

  Each House changes the story of the game dramatically, each having their own unique path that really takes shape in the game’s second half, and each with a unique Three Houses ending.

  The exception, however is Black Eagles, which has two paths, with a further choice to about halfway through the game after you choose them in the first chapter, according to reddit.


  In brief, this choice has you make a decision whether you’ll stand with Edelgard and the Black Eagles during a particular part of the game, and means certain units will leave or join your cause as a result. Again, reddit has hints at what this means exactly, if you prefer to investigate further.

  Overall, though, this doesn’t make the Black Eagles a better or dramatically different House to choose from – but it might be interesting to know there is an extra path to take ahead of time.

  If the above points and our list of Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters can’t help you decide, here’s some background information on the three Houses might help…

  The Black Eagles

  House Leader: EdelgardAffinity: MagicOfficial description: “This house is for students from the Adrestian Empire, including the house leader and future emperor, Edelgard. The students in this house are known for their proficiency with magic.”fire_emblem_house_choices_1

  The Blue Lions

  House Leader: DimitriAffinity: Military ArtsOfficial description: “This house is for students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and boasts Prince Dimitri as its house leader. Students from this house show considerable prowess in the military arts.”fire_emblem_house_choices_2

  The Golden Deer

  House Leader: ClaudeAffinity: Ranged weaponryOfficial description: “This house is for students from the Leicester Alliance, led by the heir of its leading noble family, Claude. Many of its students are proficient with ranged weaponry.”fire_emblem_house_choices_3

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