[Not Another Weekend]Another dry weekend wraps up in Utah

Lin24 2021-7-14

  SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Saturday was such a great day for Utah and the Great Basin that mother nature decided to let us have an even better day for Sunday.

  As the record breaking high pressure system sits over top of the Pacific Northwest we get some of the residual effects here in the Great Basin.

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  We continue to see drying conditions once again with even less cloud cover than there was on Saturday.

  Temperatures do not warm too much as we expect to still remain near average for this time of year. The only odd thing that we will find is that the warmer air will be blowing from the North instead of the South which will be a very different experience for us.

  Winds do remain on the breezy side to even windy at times with most of the state at least seeing double digit winds speeds.

  Our highs for Sunday will be around the 80s and 90s in Northern Utah, Eastern Nevada, Western Wyoming, and Southeastern Idaho with sunny skies.

  In Central and Eastern Utah we are expecting to see sunny to mostly sunny skies and with temperatures around the mid 80s and low 90s.

  Southern Utah is expecting to be the warmest of the bunch but still near average with temperatures in the 90s and 100s with sunny to mostly sunny skies.

  Sunday night we expect to see a return of cloud cover mostly in Southern Utah. Temperatures range around the 60s and 70s for everyone.

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  In short, Sunday will be another much more normal June day than we have been seeing the last few weeks. Sunshine and temperatures right around average with very little rain possibilities.

  With the chance of storms in the forecast, you can stay informed with the pinpoint weather team both on-air and online at abc4.com/weather.

  We are There4You! Have a fantastic weekend.